The international ambition of the University of Bordeaux concerns all of our academic fields whether it be education, research, innovation or the transmission of knowledge. Via exchange programs, joint projects and strategic partnerships, we constantly collaborate to further promote our global identity and reputation.

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We aim to further develop as a leading, internationally recognized “Campus of Excellence”

International ambition

This aim is supported by the following actions:

  • The development of far-reaching partnerships that cover both education and research
  • The integration of international possibilities at all stages of university life. We are dedicated to multiplying the exchange opportunities available to our students and staff at all levels (undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral students, lecturers/researchers, administrative personnel)
  • An institutional and administrative structure that is conscious of these international stakes and that adapts its customs and procedures accordingly to favor collaboration within the international community.

Within the “Campus of Excellence” international strategy, the University of Bordeaux is strengthening already existing ties with targeted regions of the world including Canada, California, Japan, Taiwan, and the Basque campus of excellence, “Euskampus”. Dedicated programs have been created to support the development of new projects with these regions.

Developing within the local region

This is achieved by extending partnerships with major research organizations, local authorities, socio-economic stakeholders and other universities and schools in the region:

Research organizations

Updated on 02/06/2021

Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2021-2027

The University of Bordeaux obtained 100/100 for the 2021-2027 Erasmus+ proposal. Find here the charter as well as the UBx proposal.